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The Negev Byzantine Bio-Archaeology Research Program is a European Research Council and Israel Science Foundation supported project looking into the reasons for the collapse of a complex society in an environmentally marginal region 1,500 years ago. Bearing crucial implications for present day concerns with sustainable development the project aims to address a dual problem: how were the Byzantines able to erect a flourishing infrastructure in the Negev Desert and why did they eventually fail.

The Project is based at the Zinman Institute of Archaeology of the University of Haifa and Headed by Prof. Guy Bar-Oz, Chair of the Archaeology Department and Head of the Laboratory of Archaeozoology. 

לקריאה נוספת...

From the media

Two new scientific reports from the Negev, where bioarchaeological finds unveil dynamics of Byzantine societal decline (Mar 2017): Seeds of Collapse & For the Birds

Ben-Gurion Airport Gallery of "Israeli Discoveries that Influenced the World" Posts our Project (Mar 2016).

The secrets of Shivta unveiled in this I24 Channel news report from our excavations.

"The mystery of Israel's ancient abandoned cities" Ha'aretz, January 8. 2016 (In Hebrew): Page 1, Page 2, Ha'aretz site. English Version here

New discovery of Christian inscription at Shivta. Ha'aretz, December 10, 2015 (In Hebrew) (In English)

Interview in Channel 10’s London & Kirschenbaum, February 15, 2015 (In Hebrew; Begins in minute 43:40 of broadcast):

Ha’aretz report, February 17, 2015: “Seeds of Lost Byzantine-era Gaza Wine Found in Negev”

Ynet report, February 11, 2015: "דרינק מפעם: זרעי גפן בני 1,500 שנה"  (In Hebrew; Report and Filmed short interview)

More from the media


Make a contribution and join the thrill of discovery in the Ancient Negev Desert.

To participate in our field excursions please contact: lweissbr@research.haifa.ac.il
Include in the email your full name and relevant background and tell us in a few words about your interest in the project.

Our latest excavation/field session: Jan 28-Feb 10 2017

See our new Antiquity publication on the sealed doors of Shivta

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